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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Posted by LadyPSerenity on September 28, 2009 @ 07:01:32 PM in News Articles
VIZ media announced today that Inuyasha the Final Act is scheduled to steam in the U.S. simultaneous to airing in Japan. The final episodes of the popular anime will be available on VIZ Media's Shonen Sunday website hours after the episodes air in Japan.

The original announcement was made at the New York Anime Festival and brought great delight to the fans that gathered around. The episodes will stream subtitlted on and A new episode will air every Saturday after that.

Source: VIZ Media.
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Posted by OminousCloud on August 30, 2009 @ 03:33:53 AM in News Articles
Highlights of anime and manga coming in September 2009. For the full list see VIZ Media

Sep 1st

Tegami Bachi Vol 1- MSRP $7.99 ISBN: 1-4215-2913-0
The story takes place in the land of AmberGround, a place of perpetual night only partially illuminated by an artificial sun. Lag Seeing works as a "Letter Bee" (delivery boy) at the "Bee Hive" (a delivery service), with his Dingo, Niche, and her "pet", Steak, traveling with him. He is entrusted with the "hearts" of everyone in AmberGround to deliver their packages. - wiki

Bleach Vol 28 - MSRP $7.95 ISBN: 1-4215-2386-8

One Piece Vol 22 - MSRP $7.95 ISBN: 1-4215-2430-9

Nana Vol 18 - MSRP $8.99 ISBN: 1-4215-2670-0

Inuyasha Vol 40 - MSRP $8.95 ISBN: 1-4215-2890-8 Release: Sep 8th

Full Metal Alchemist Vol 20 - MSRP $9.99 ISBN: 1-4215-3034-1 Release: Sep 15th


Bleach The Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion (Standard Edition) - MSRP $29.92 Length: 90 min Release: Sep 8th

Honey and Clover Vol 1 (Box Set) - Episodes 1- 12 MSRP $59.90 Release: Sep 22

Naruto Shippuden Vol 1 - MSRP: $24.92 Length: 100 min. Release: Sep 29

Source: VIZ Media

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Posted by Gjallarhorn on July 16, 2009 @ 05:30:51 PM in News Articles
Much to the joy of fans all over the world, a new anime series based on the final unanimated volumes of the Inuyasha manga (36-56) will begin airing this fall, entitled Inuyasha: Kanketsu-hen (Inuyasha: Final Chapter).

Not much more is known at this time, but surely more information will be released as the fall approaches.

Source: Sankaku Complex
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