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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Posted by Kishiro on March 02, 2009 @ 10:54:37 PM in Video Games
The newest incarnation of Nintendo’s handheld, the DS launches on April 5th. This will be called the DSi and the system will have overhauled features. Two cameras are on this puppy—one on the back of the panel with the top screen, and the second pointing towards the user on the inside of the hinge. The GBA slot has been replaced with an SD card slot, making the device open to many other types of media and applications. It will play movie and certain music files as well (but not mp3 files), which can also be stored on the card. The DSi also boasts an Internet browser, presumably Opera, just like the Wii. I can only imagine that it will be easier to use, and less of a pain to navigate than the PSP’s browser, especially when it comes to field entry since we’ll have the touch screen to use like a thumb pad, or with the stylus pen if you prefer.

The DSi will be able to connect to the Wii Shop Channel / DSi Shop, which will allow people to download games directly to the machine, or the SD cards inside of it.
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