Chat Rules

Follow them

Ignorance of the rules does not make you immune from them.

Article 1

No Cursing
See Appendix A for penalties.

Article 2

No flooding
See Appendix B for penalties.

Article 3

See Appendix C for penalties.

Article 4

Appropriate Behavior
See Appendix D for penalties

Article 5

Behavior towards admins.
See Appendix D for penalties.

Article 6

Rule Applications
See Appendix E for penalties


Appendix A

Breaking of Article 1 will be followed by up to three warnings (a warning from here on, defined as an Oral, a Warning pop-up box, a 1 minute Freeze, or a Kick) followed by a Ban. Habitual breaking of Article 1 may fall under Appendix E for penalties.

Appendix B

Flooding as defined in Article 2, is immediately penalized by a Freeze, Kick or a Ban, depending on length. Slow flooding, or url advertising may be given a pop-up or oral warning.

Appendix C

Inapropriate usernames are given from 1 to 20 seconds to change names, depending on severity and then Kicked. On the second inapropriate name, they may be Banned.

Appendix D

Violations of Article 4 Part a Sections 1 and 2 not including 2.3, Part b, Part c Section 2, Part e, Part f, and Article 5 (all parts) are given up to three warnings, followed by a Ban. Violations of Part a section 2.3, Part c not including Section 2, and Part d is immediately penalized by a Freeze, Kick or a Ban depending on severity

Appendix E

Habitual offenders are automaticaly given increased severity, and penalties increase accordingly, so the standard Warning levels will not apply. Individuals creating problems for prolonged time periods will be considered for a long-term ban, lasting upwards of a week, with a month being the most common length.

Appendix F

These rules are to be considered the complete listing of what *is* allowed, but only a partial listing of what is *not* allowed.

le end