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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Hyrule Warriors Review (Japanese Version)
Posted by Hanamaru Kunikida in Video Games August 25, 2014 at 09:02:52 PM

Hyrule Warriors, or known as Zelda Musou in Japan combines the gameplay mechanics of Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors series with the world of The Legend of Zelda. Hyrule Warriors takes players to an all-new story featuring over 14 playable characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise including all-new characters exclusive to the game. Some characters will be able to use different weapons featured in past The Legend of Zelda games in which gives the character a different moveset and element attribute.

Players will battle through 18 chapters in Legend Mode, which is the main mode of the game. As most Musou games, the game also features a Free Mode which lets players play through Legend Mode giving players more liberty on what characters they want to use in battle. The secondary mode of the game, Adventure Mode, which features different missions the player must complete.

Legend Mode puts you in the shoes of the green tunic hero, who fought against the forces of evil that were after the Triforce. The hero broke the evil's spirit into four pieces, sending three pieces off into the depths of space-time, and sealing the fourth piece at the entrance to the Temple with the Master Sword. Cia, the sorceress who was assigned to maintain the balance of the Triforce became infatuated with Link. Her feelings transformed into jealousy towards Zelda, and eventually corrupted Cia. With Zelda gone missing, Link makes it his mission to fight Cia and rescue Zelda.

Adventure Mode is actually quite fun. It takes the form of a grid in the shape of the overworld from the original The Legend of Zelda. Each block in the grid features a different mission the player must complete, like different a set amount of enemies in the given time limit. By completing the given mission, it unlocks the adjacent squares on the grid, and allows the player to move forward. Completing each mission will reward players with special weapons and characters exclusively to Adventure Mode.

As expected, Hyrule Warriors will play like any other Musou franchise. The player will have two buttons to perform different combos and attacks to defeat their enemies. Players can also perform a special attack in which is strong enough to blow a horde of enemies away. Players can also use “Focus Energy". By filling up the Magic gauge at the top-left of the screen then pressing the R button, the player will enter the "Focus Energy" state, in which enhances their attack and attributes and will be able to perform a stronger special attack at any point during that state.

The same set of iconic weapons and tools from The Legend of Zelda franchise, such as Bombs, Hookshot, Boomerang, and the Bow. While the gameplay setting is different, they will have similar uses as the main series. Sometimes you will be able to use upgraded version of these items, in which will result in a better performance. Potions will also be available to use, just in case the player is in need of health recovery or need to increase their special attack or Magic meter.

There will be a time where enemies will have a “cool off period”, and that’s the best time for the player to attack the enemy. During that time, a gauge will be shown and the goal is to decrease when the players hit the enemy, almost like a health bar. One the gauge is completely depleted; the player will perform a unique strong attack in which will inflict a lot of damage to the enemy.

Unlike all Legend of Zelda games, this game lacks all the puzzle solving found in the franchise, but there will be enemies that can only be defeated in a certain time period or using an specific weapon like in the main games.

Similar to other Musou games, by using Rupees and materials they collected while playing, players can use them to upgrade weapons and craft badges, which can then be used to bolster each character's abilities, increasing the characters’ asternal of combos and their performance exponentially, the more upgrades they receive.

Hyrule Warriors for a Wii U title, it excels in the graphical department. From the character models to their specials attacks, it’s very appealing to watch. Many of the Stages, which are based on original places from previous Legend of Zelda games, look as beautiful as from their source material.

As expected from a Legend of Zelda game, the included soundtrack is beyond fantastic. While it there’s a little Dynasty Warriors touch into it, Legend of Zelda fans can still appreciate it. Hyrule Warriors will feature Dynamic Music, in which similar to Samurai Warriors 4, the music changes it's mood depending on events in the battle, so it never feels out of place.

While the game is a very enjoyable title, as expected, it is aimed for both fans of the Musou genre and the Legend of Zelda franchise. I would only recommend the game if you’re at least a fan of the beat’em up genre as the core gameplay will feel very repetitive otherwise. If you don’t enjoy the genre but are passionate about the franchise, you should just wait for the upcoming main Legend of Zelda title coming next year.


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