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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Nisekoi: Series Review
Posted by Anime Forum in Anime / Manga May 26, 2014 at 06:05:58 PM

Review: Shaft strikes again. Nisekoi's anime adaption may be over, but it delivered huge during the twenty episode run presented by Shaft. Did you miss out? Were you lucky enough to watch Nisekoi? Read on.

What do you get when you mix Shaft and an already promising manga into an anime adaption? You get Nisekoi, the highly acclaimed harem anime that aired in Winter 2014 and just finished airing a few days ago. Nisekoi revolves around Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki and the false love they need to maintain in order to keep their respective families from fighting and clashing. A false love is automatically a formula for disaster for two teenagers who obviously just cannot seem to get along! Do you blame them though? Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki are very easily polar opposites, and they've only known each other for like twenty four hours before needing to force themselves into dating each other. Raku Ichijou is our lead male protagonist. He is truthfully dense as a rock in terms of how girls feel about him, but he comes off as a pretty strong lead man. He has a massive crush on our third protagonist Kosaki Onodera and has felt that way since middle school. Kosaki Onodera's feelings for him are mutual, though neither of them know how the other one feels. Add in this false love for Chitoge Kirisaki? Love is seriously complicated in Nisekoi, and we are only two episodes into a twenty episode series which offers twists and new characters added to the harem created by Raku Ichijou. A harem he really doesn't seem to want.

One promise. Years before Nisekoi takes place, Raku Ichijou created a promise with a girl that they would one day in the future get married and be together forever. Was it Kosaki Onodera? Chitoge Kosaki? Maybe the later introduced fiance of Raku Ichijou, Marika Tachibana? All of these girls seem to have pieces of the puzzle, though the locket Raku Ichijou has. Which girl does it relate to? Honestly, this question never gets officially answered in the twenty episode span of Nisekoi, though maybe that is for the best. Nisekoi has another one - two seasons in it and maybe, just maybe we'll find out if the stories get told.


Image posted with reason. How come anytime a harem comes out people need to bash it? Sure, harem anime are quite generic most of the time, but Nisekoi distances itself from the bunch in terms of quality. It follows the formula any harem does, but the quality of Nisekoi alone makes it a much more entertaining experience than any other harem in recent memory. The characters are interesting. Chitoge Kirasaki is a gorilla personality girl who is obviously very tsundere towards Raku Ichijou. She often has trouble figuring out the feelings she has towards Raku, but comes off as a very interesting and lovable character. With pretty blonde hair, a nice red ribbon and a very promising character, what isn't there to love about her? Onodera Kirasaki was also a really fun character to watch and see her story unfold. Her feelings for Raku never seem to officially come out in the anime and she is easily shaken, but she seems to be a fan favorite for fans when it comes to who gets to be the girl who ends up with Raku Ichijou. Personally? I'm rooting for Chitoge Kirisaki, our gorilla. Other characters include the tomboy Tsugumi who was hired by Claude to hunt and watch Raku, a fiance Marika who was friends with Raku at a very young age and changed herself to fit his tastes, friends Shuu and Ruri, and Claude. Claude believes Raku Ichijou's feelings for Chitoge Kirisaki are fake, which are obviously true in a relationship sense. Though, it is pretty obvious they at least like each other strongly.

In conclusion. Nisekoi was a strong ride in 2014 and always seemed to offer amazing visuals and dynamic complicated moments that are seriously memorable. You are missing out if you avoid thus one.

Rating: 9/10.

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