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Monday, October 16, 2017

Kuroko no Basketball Season 2 Episode 46 'First Basket!!' Impressions
Posted by Kaitou+ in Anime / Manga March 01, 2014 at 08:58:29 PM

The best thing about a sports series like Kuroko no Basketball, is that it will entertain you and you can watch enjoy them as if you watching a real life intense match. With Kuroko no Basket, every time there's a match between the main teams of the series, it never fails to do that as it always will keep you at the edge of seat and screaming at your screen rooting for Seirin. In this episode the fourth round begins between Seirin and Yosen which are teams quite opposite to each other as Seirin's forte is to play in offensive formations and Yosen's is to defensive formations.

The match has just begun and we already can see how tough and monstrous Yosen is, especially with Murasakibara's tower like height blocking all the shots by Seirin. Not even the return of Kuroko's Cyclone Pass helped them as Yosen's defense is just too good for them as they are already getting murdered by Yosen with a score difference of 18-0. Let's see how Seirin fares in another intense match to come.

So if you understand sports, even if it's one more point it can always possibly break all possibilities of victory. With 15 seconds left, Seirin is left in a tight moment where if Yosen scores once more, it could mean the end for Seirin. Fukui attempts to make the shot that would secure their victory, but fortunately with Kagami always working at this best in these situations was able to touch it with the tip of his fingers enough to block the shot, leading to a rebound. In these intense one-on-two battle between Kiyoshi and Okamura/Liu to get the the rebound, we see his determination, strength and will to keep promise to make Seirin one of the best schools in Japan. With the flashbacks of how much effort Kiyoshi put to enhance his skills by doing wrist curls workouts and with the help of Kagetora's great coaching advice telling him to practice throwing a rock with one hand, we see the development of a new acquired skill that will later save Seirin's back through the episode called the Vice Claw which Kiyoshi grabs the ball with one hand, mostly during rebounds. .It later saved Seirin from Yosen making the rebound which saved Seirin for the first quarter.

So this is where the episode gets interesting. As we already have seen through this episode, with Murasakibara in the inside, it's gonna be impossible for Seirin to score, even with the strength of Kagami, we see that he's not match against the power of Murasakibara. However, Seirin was up to something since the beginning of the quarter so Kagami passes the ball to Kuroko who developed a new skill. With everyone surprised (for the exception of Aomine), we will see the results of his shooting training he did with Aomine by making the first shot against Murasakibara which uses a combination his vanishing and passing abilities to make a shot that disappears. This is the shot that helped Seirin stabilize their chances of winning the game. However, we still how much of a monster Murasakibara is by being able to keep up with the ball so fast, even if he failed to block Kuroko's shot.

With the new developed skills by Kiyoshi and Kuroko it was able to help them fight against Yosen and be able to keep up throughout the remaining of the first half of the game. However, a new struggle comes for Kagami and that is to be able to overcome Okamura's height which he fails every time to be able to block him from taking the ball and making shots. Luckily, Kiyoshi-senpai is always there to help them by giving him support, which a little comedic flavor from him with his habit of stating the obvious although it wasn't the case this time as Kagami was able to realized what he meant. Seirin was able to fight hard with the efforts of Kiyoshi, Kagami, Kuroko and the support of Izuki and Hyuga enough to keep up through the second quarter of the game with a score of 29-17, a 12 score difference not only making the gap closer but keeping their chance and possibilities to win this game. You can see that Murasakibara is getting mad!

So it's the end of the first half, that both teams are planning new strategies for the second half as Yosen hasn't played the game with their full deck of cards yet. With Kuroko being benched once more not to overused him, the upcoming battle will one for the books, and that is Kiyoshi vs. Murasakibara and Kagami vs, Himuro. This match could possibly reach the level of intensity that their game agaisnt Aomine had, or even surpass it. We will see during the next episodes.

This episode gets a 8.5/10 from AnimeGlobe. Kuroko no Basket never fails to combine the important elements of keeping an episode entertaining with it's developments, solid consistency. and combination of intensity and comedic relieves, even in episodes like this. Production I.G once again showed their skills as top-tier animators with the consistency of good quality through the game in this episode. We will see how this series holds out through the remaining four episodes of the series, which we already know that this episode was only a taste of what's about to come.

You can watch Kuroko no Basketball Season 2 on Crunchyroll on on Saturdays 2:30pm EST.

Stay tuned for the next review!

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