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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Naruto Chapter 666 Review
Posted by Hanamaru Kunikida in Staff Blogs February 28, 2014 at 09:55:59 PM

So the chapter starts off with the confrontation of Obito and Madara, after a long Madara's long speech about anyone agreeing with his ideals being Madara. Obito is ready to face the powerful Madara in his Bijuu Mode.

So after the revelation Obito had, he joins the alliance and his new goal is to transfer the Ying half of the Kyuubi that Black Zetsu stole from Minato to Naruto using his Kamui, which then will resurrect him back to life after dying from the retraction of his Yang half. He cannot achieve this a lone, so Kakashi and Obito teams up to make it possible. While Kakashi was able to transmit Naruto and Sakura into Kamui World, Obito needs to go there as well to be able to transfer the Kyuubi that Black Zetsu stole, however since it's too low and Madara stopping him it's almost impossible. But wit h the Teamwork of Kakashi and Obito, they were able to by both of them using Kamui at the same time doubling the jumping speed. This moment lead to Minato reminiscing the old days then they used to work as a team.

In other events, Gai shows up to the scene and as always using as a comedic device to lighten up the chapter. But this time he's is ready to go all out and open all eight gates since Taijutsu is the only key to be able to confront Madara. (However, not all scanlations include that Gai will open up the gates).

Not much progress has been made aside from that not to mention that barefoot person whose identity has yet to be revealed hasn't been shown but I guess we will have to wait for later chapters.

Overall, this chapter gets a 7/10 from Anime Globe. As it was said before, the chapter didn't have as much progress to the story aside from successfully being able to transfer the Yin half to Naruto to be able to resurrect him back to life, Gai's comedic appearance and of course, the teamwork of Obito and Kakashi and Team Minato's flashbacks.

Stay tuned for the next review.

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