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Thursday, August 06, 2020

Kill La Kill Episode 6 Review
Posted by Anime Forum in Anime / Manga November 10, 2013 at 01:36:29 AM

Show Summary: Produced by trigger and written by the duo behind Gurren Lagaan, Kill La Kill has been said to be destined for greatness. Can Ryuko Matoi bring down Satsuki Kiryuin and the student council?

Episode Review: My second attempt at this review has arrived and let us hope I don't make another error! Anyways, Kill La Kill has been a very interesting adventure so far and it also has provided an average bunch of episodes which is really a downer. Was the sixth episode one of those episodes or did it execute better than others? Kill La Kill episode six continued the long road Ryuko Matoi has in front of her and actually executed fairly well. The episode focused on Uzu Sanageyama and his efforts to prove himself worthy to the champion Satsuki Kiryuin and the other members of the elite four. For a guy that is a member of the elite four, his first bout against Ryuko went over really badly and that began to show how well Ryuko has developed her ability and power. Directly after this fight is when this episode truly got intense. I will refrain from spoiling a shocking second half, but wow did this get good! Uzu Sanageyama may of indeed proved his worth of being an elite four member with what he was willing to do to take on Ryuko! Let us hope the next episode is as intense!

Now, my main issue with Kill La Kill is that it seems to have an issue with balancing its serious moments that are epic with moments that almost cripple an anime that could be so epic. If the show learned to balance the formula a bit better, this anime could of been a top ten contender in my favorite list. The anime has a fantastic intro, but an iffy ending theme.

I feel like my favorite episodes in order were:

Episode 5
Episode 3
Episode 6

The recent episode as said was good, but needs to get better! This anime has the potential to be a top tier anime if the writers really tried.

Episode Rating: 8.5
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