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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Anime Weekend Atlanta to Feature Incredible Japanese Voice Talent and Zun of Touhou Project
Posted by RaShayRitto in Conventions September 21, 2013 at 10:08:27 PM

AG, in conjunction with The Shay and Wilson Show, will be providing real-time coverage of AWA 2013! Here's a rundown of what to look forward to

Anime Weekend Atlanta has been rocking Georgia since 1995. Since then, as is always the case with conventions that manage to keep their momentum, the event has grown into a major pop culture gathering and garnered plenty of industry attention. This year the guest lineup contains an impressive number of prominent Japanese voice talent along with the usual suspects among the West's convention-touring dub actors. Bless 4 headline the musical guests, two members of which sang the hauntingly beautiful ED to Aquarion EVOL.

Zun, the sole member of Team Shanghai Alice, will also be in attendance. Zun is known for stirring the doujin scene with his Touhou Project series of games that primarily consist of top-down style "bullet hell" shooters. His earliest creations date all the way back to the PC 98 days and continue to set the standard for the genre. Zun's ever growing cast of cute and sexy heroines has sparked its own pop culture phenomenon that extends to porn, music, art, and tribute games by other developers. Touhou Project's massive influence on otaku culture makes his presence at AWA one that should not be missed.

Among the Japanese seiyuu at this year's AWA is prime heavyweight Toshio Furukawa, whose most visible role is Picolo from the entire Dragon Ball franchise. Mitsuo Iwata of Akira fame and Yuu Asakawa who voices countless high-profile roles in anime, visual novels, and hentai will also be connecting with fans in their own panels.

We plan to provide constant coverage on the Facebook page page, The Shay and Wilson Show Facebook page, and The Shay and Wilson Show Youtube channel. The SAWS focuses largely on "guy stuff" so expect plenty of cosbabes in the photos and interviews.

For more information on the guests, events, and registration at AWA 2013 head over to the con's official site.
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