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Friday, April 16, 2021

Metrocon 2013 [Florida's Largest Anime Con]
Posted by blueangel06661 in Conventions July 30, 2013 at 09:36:09 PM

Metrocon 2013 July 26-28 located in Tampa Florida. (AKA Florida's largest anime con). This year will be Metrocon's 11th year running. If you don't know a whole lot about Metrocon, it's an event based convention with many great events shows going on throughout the weekend with a chance to attend awesome panels and meet special guest in between. Each year the convention owners (Nick & Alex A.K.A. Team Dynamite Productions) Have promised that the year we reach 10,000 in attendance we'd become a 4 day con. This year it's attendance record reached over 9,000 with 9,915. So close yet so far we missed 85 people

With that being said, Metrocon will be without a doubt a four day con in 2015! Wether it'll be Tues-Sun or Fri-Mon is still TBD. Next years dates will be July 11-13th. The theme for next year will also be Old School Vs. New School OR Past Vs. Present (they haven't decided exactly what they'll call it, but you get the drift)

At 1:00 on Friday con attendees were allowed to pour into the main events room for the first time since the previous year to see opening ceremonies. After walking around a few bleachers and a massive tech booth you're greeted with more up close floor seating, a boxing ring, a huge stage with 4 HD screens that play videos or film the event as it's happening for all in the room to see up close. During opening ceremonies basic rules had been discussed. Also gave everyone a reminder about the blood drive that now has regularly been going on at most of the recent Metrocon's so attendees have a chance to donate blood and save lives. It was also announced that all attendees with a weekend pass were granted free rail car trolley rides curtosy of the city of Tampa. Here we were notified of special guest including some of the following:

*Dante Basco- Rufio from "Hook" and Prince Zuko from "Avatar: The Last Airbender"
*Scott McNeil- Duo Maxwell from "Gundam" and Koga from "Inuyasha"
*Brittney Karbowski- Black Star from "Soul Eater" and Apis from "One Peice"
And many others....

Friday was jam packed with 4 main events (Opening Ceremonies, GGX Gear-Grappling Extreme, Fantasy Masquerade, and Metro Massive 2013 Rave) 4 Special Events (Metro Star Party, Parle Productions Q&A, Zombie Wars Q&A, and Dr. Horribles Sing-A-Long picture show) 6 panel rooms and 2 video game rooms (one american, one japanese)

GGX: Is a high action, very much so real dangerous wrestling show.
Fantasy Masquerade: Is a show/dance mash-up where you get to watch a story and have dancing intermissions with many crowd favorite dance songs mixed in with some slow dance music for you and your date.
Rave #1: Each year Metrocon host two raves. With this year having the higest attendance EVER. Both days were PACKED with stellar reviews of how great they were this year. (Also... There were bouncy castles this year)

On Saturday there were 5 main events going on which included (The Anime Human Chess Match, AMV contest, Anime Idol, GGX, Metrocon Rave Night 2)

The Anime Human Chess Match: The main event the convention puts on. Hitting 6,000 spectators in the room before the chess match had even begun was an all time record this year. The chess match is a brilliant and professional stunt show with real weapons and stunts. Clashing of swords can make sparks fly and so much more during this thrilling and compelling show. This year finally marked the end of a 5 year old story arc.

Pictured above are the owners of the convention Nick and Alex following Curtain call with all of their cast and crew.

Over-all it was another spectacular year with many things to be offered. Can't wait for 2014!

*All photos taken by myself Rainbow Crash AKA Blueangel06661*

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Posted by Todoroki on August 06, 2013 at 12:31:09 PM
Looked like fun.

I would of gone but with time constraints I couldn't and maybe journalist purposes. I would of go for the fun of it though.

Maybe next year, if I don't go to ComicCon.

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