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Thursday, June 24, 2021

One Piece to Grace all Shueisha Magazine Covers
Posted by OminousCloud in News Articles December 28, 2010 at 08:48:05 AM

Major Japanese publisher, Shueisha, has announced that Oda Eiichiro's One Piece will feature on the covers of every single magazine licensed by the company. The temporary take over is in celebration of the manga reaching a circulation of 200,000,000 copies and will start on January 31st with the release of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Luffy and his crew will appear on 34 magazines including manga, fashion and literary publications. Each magazine will have either special appendices or a One Piece related gift for its readers.

Check out the full list below for the “Straw Hat Pirates” hit list of magazines and release dates!

1/31:「Weekly Shonen Jump」
2/2:「Business Jump」
2/3:「Ribbon」「Weekly Young Jump」
2/4:「Jump SQ.」「ONE PIECE the 61th volume」
2/7:「Weekly Shonen Jump」「Weekly Playboy」「marisol」「LEE」「duet」
2/10:「MEN’S NON-NO」
2/12:「Bessatsu Margaret」「BAILA」
2/14:「Weekly Shonen Jump」
2/17:「Shousetsu Subaru」
2/19:「Ultra Jump」「non-no」「Seishun to Dokusho」「Margaret」
2/21:「Weekly Shonen Junp」「V Jump」
2/23:「officeYOU」「SUPER Jump」「Myojo」「SPUR」
2/28:「Chorus」「Weekly Shonen Jump」

Source: TokyoHive
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