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Friday, April 16, 2021

JAFAX 15: Rise of the Machines
Posted by SerenityFaye in Conventions June 26, 2010 at 05:41:57 PM

The magic of JAFAX has returned this year with JAFAX 15: Rise of the Machines.
For those unaware of what JAFAX is, it is a small Anime/Japanese convention in Allendale, Michigan, at Grand Valley State University. It started in 1995 by Rob Grimes who wanted to share his love of animation and all things Japan with West Michigan. It's a two day event and the best part about it, it's free! No admission fees or registration. JAFAX 9 was the first with a theme and it was Anime Luau.

It's like any other con with showrooms, panels, guests, cosplay fashion shows, contests, The rooms for anime shows vary from year to year. There is always a theme room, an adult themed room, two different series rooms. subbed, classics, fan subs, staff choice, live action and anime roulette.
Guests include Robert and Emily DeJesus which operate Studio Capsule and they have done animation and illustration for Marvel Comics, PlayStation Magazine, Hasbro, Guitar World Magazine, 989 Studios, Ohayo Con, and many more. Dragon Spirit Studios, they are a studio that does japanese animated art. James Dawsey he is the author and illustrator of Shadowchasers. Tiffany Grant is a voice actress that worked with ADV and did titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion. Jeff Marriotte who works with his wife on novels and comics based on licensed characters. Finally The Not Ready For Bandai Players was there and they are a group of cosplayers that originate from central Illinois. Recently they retired from the stage to focus on their video projects.
There were many rooms for video games, table top games, showrooms, panels and the vendors took over the halls on three floors. There was also tables on the third floor for other local cons to advertise. There was a very animated Lupin The Third promoting a con up in Traverse City, Mi. A cat boy and a partner were promoting another con in Battle Creek, Mi. It was nice to see that the cons of West Michigan were linking together to try and get help and more publicity.
As always, the vast array of costumes were well made and endless! I saw a purple, blue, black, and green Link group with a Navi running around. Death Note was represented very well throughout the con along with Ouran High School Host Club. Then the endless parade of cat girls, cat boys, and foxes graced the campus. I saw a few Gundams rocking their way across the campus with an autobot in tow.

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Posted by on July 02, 2012 at 11:03:13 AM
hey do u think you could email me a link giving me more details on the con.Im from michigan and we dont have very many anime conventions going's my email [email protected] cant wait to hear more

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