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Friday, April 16, 2021

Just released anime-style, Young Adult, fantasy novel featuring manga-style illustrations now available!
Posted by KuroKoneko Kamen in Press Releases April 21, 2010 at 07:20:18 PM

Just released anime-style, Young Adult, fantasy novel featuring manga-style illustrations now available!

Bitch Heiress X Samurai Butler is the story of a Tokyo heiress named Kusanagi Kimamura whose greedy relatives and even the yakuza are after her life on a daily basis. Due to this threat her Grandfather hires her a Samurai Butler bodyguard. Ranmaru is a stoic man with a dark past and Kusanagi is a high school girl with a fiery temper. Sparks fly when these two conflicting personalities meet. Will opposites attract? Or will Kusanagi give a slap to Ranmaru’s face first?

Journey to Japan to find out and encounter magical beings such a yokai, Japanese demons, which in the novel Bitch Heiress X Samurai Butler live side by side with humans. For fans of anime or manga inside jokes abound as characters sweat-drop, and face-fault. Enjoy fast-paced duels between ancient yokai, samurai warriors while steamy romantic moments between the heiress and her butler will make the reader blush. An assortment of compelling characters accompany Ranmaru and Kusanagi on their mission to stop Kusanagi’s prophecies of death. Among them is Kusanagi’s best friend, a bubbly, yokai cat girl named Katsume; Shinichi – a boy inventor, who built his own robotic samurai butler; a fruity, male model named Haruka; and Orihime, Kusanagi’s rival in love and the most popular girl at Akai Bara (Red Rose) Academy.

The book is available at in paperback ($19.95), ebook ($6.00) and also ePad ($6.00, for the iPad) format.

Author KuroKoneko Kamen (Black Kitten Mask) has always had an interest in Japanese culture, folktales and also modern manga and anime. It was this passion which led to the creation of her latest novel Bitch Heiress X Samurai Butler. KuroKoneko Kamen lives in the Caribbean with her three dogs and nine cats. KuroKoneko Kamen is acknowledged as one of the first authors of anime-style novels, an emerging and rapidly growing market.

Questions? Comments? The authoress can be reached via her artist webpage: Or email: [email protected]

Be sure to also visit the cover artist’s webpage: and enjoy her illustrations as well as her own original manga titled Stray Love.

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Posted by on April 21, 2010 at 11:43:55 PM
sounds awesome. i can't wait to get my hands on it.

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