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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

VIZ Media & VME to Showcase Anime at MIPCOM 2009
Posted by OminousCloud in Conventions October 07, 2009 at 05:40:38 AM

VIZ Media, LLC , and affiliate VIZ Media Europe (VME), will showcase a variety of hot anime properties at the 2009 MIPCOM show in Cannes, France, October 5-9 at the Palais Des Festivals. VIZ Media will be located in Booth A0.12.

MIPCOM is the premiere global content event for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content across all platforms. It provides the key decision-makers in the TV, film, digital and audiovisual content, production and distribution industry with the only market conference and networking forum to discover future trends and trade content rights on a global level.

VIZ Media and VIZ Media Europe are key master licensors of Japanese anime and manga content to a fast growing international audience. A diverse selection of exciting animated properties for teens and young adults will be on view, including continuations of BLEACH, BLUE DRAGON, NARUTO: Shippuden, and KILARI, as well as new series such as VAMPIRE KNIGHT and INUYASHA: THE FINAL ACT.

The properties VIZ Media and VIZ Media Europe will be highlighting at MIPCOM include:

A PENGUIN’S TROUBLES: 51+ episodes, 10 minutes each
A gag comedy about the daily life of a penguin named Kinoshita Beckham! Beckham is funny and crude. He attends schools with humans and is always running into trouble with his human friends Naoto and Yumi.

BLEACH: 167+ episodes, each episode approx. 30 minutes each
Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary 15-year-old boy who happens to be able to see ghosts. His fate takes an extraordinary turn when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper who shows up at Ichigo's house on the trail of a Hollow, a malevolent lost soul. Drawn to Ichigo's high level of spiritual energy, the Hollow attacks Ichigo and his family, and Rukia steps in to help but is injured and unable to fight. As a last resort, Rukia decides to transfer part of her Soul Reaper powers to Ichigo. Ichigo, now a full-fledged Soul Reaper, and Rukia, minus her powers, join together to face the challenges that lie ahead. Find out why Tite Kubo's BLEACH has become an international smash-hit!

BLUE DRAGON: 102 episodes, approx. 30 minutes each
Based on the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 video game developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi (the creator of Final Fantasy) and featuring character designs by Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball), the BLUE DRAGON anime series is a classic adventure story of magical Shadow powers, flying air fortresses, and unbounded heroism! Brought together by fate, Seven Soldiers of Light must awaken the Shadow within themselves in time to overcome a despotic power and bring peace to their land. Their ensuing journey through a rich fantasy world is also an internal journey to awaken the great power within each of them. Journey with them into the world of BLUE DRAGON!

INUYASHA: THE FINAL ACT: 26 episodes, approx. 30 minutes each
When an enchanted well draws her into the past, Kagome, an ordinary modern schoolgirl, finds her destiny tied to the doglike half-demon Inuyasha and a mythical gem called the Shikon Jewel, or "Jewel of Four Souls," of which the smallest shard can grant the user unimaginable power. Throughout their quest to restore the shattered Shikon Jewel, Inuyasha and Kagome have never faced an enemy more deadly or more cunning than the demon mastermind Naraku. With the Shikon Jewel nearly whole and in Naraku’s hands, the race to collect the remaining shards intensifies and a battle of epic proportions is brewing on the horizon...

KEKKAISHI: 52 episodes, approx. 30 minutes each
Mystical forces are powerful in the region called Karasumori. For over 400 years, it has been the duty of a clan of Kekkaishi—barrier masters—to guard the land, exterminating the supernatural beasts which appear there night after night. Yoshimori Sumimura is a 14-year-old second year junior high school student at Karasumori School. Following in the tradition that's come down through the generations, he is the twenty-second Kekkaishi of the Sumimura clan. But he’s constantly fighting with his rival, Tokine Yukimura—his childhood friend and also a Kekkaishi—about who is the rightful heir to the magical barrier arts. Protecting people from danger while growing stronger himself, Yoshimori will battle the forces of evil again tonight!

KILARI: 102 episodes, approx. 30 minutes each
Kilari is the story of a cute, 14-year-old girl named Kilari Tsukishima whose main obsession is food. That is, until one day when she falls in love with Seiji, the singer of a pop idol duo, Ships. From then on, to get close to the idol she likes, Kilari announces that she too will become a singer. Swept away in the exciting world of music entertainment and film, Kilari's adventures take her through the challenge and excitement of becoming a teen idol to win Seiji’s heart!

NAOKI URASAWA’S MONSTER: 74 episodes, approx. 30 minutes each
What would you do if a child you saved grew up to be a monster? An ice-cold killer is on the loose, and Dr. Kenzo Tenma is the only one who can stop him! Tenma, a brilliant neurosurgeon with a promising future, risks his career to save the life of a critically wounded young boy named Johan. The boy, now a charismatic young man, reappears nine years later in the midst of a string of unusual serial murders…

NARUTO Shippuden: 140+ episodes, approx. 30 minutes each
In the NARUTO manga and animated series, Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja in training, wants to be the best ninja in the land. He's done well so far, but Naruto knows he must train harder than ever and leaves his village for intense exercises that will push him to his limits. NARUTO Shippuden begins two and a half years later, when Naruto returns to find that everyone has been promoted up the ninja ranks—except him. Sakura is a medic ninja, Gaara has advanced to Kazekage, and Kakashi… well, he remains the same. But pride isn’t necessarily becoming of a ninja, and Naruto quickly regains his focus when he learns that Sasuke never returned from his search for Orochimaru and that the mysterious Akatsuki organization is still an ever-present danger. The more Naruto finds out about Akatsuki’s sinister plot, the more he realizes that nothing in his world is as it seems. Naruto is finding that he’s older, but will he also prove wiser and stronger?

VAMPIRE KNIGHT: 26 episodes, approx. 30 minutes each
VAMPIRE KNIGHT is based on the best-selling gothic-romance manga series created by Matsuri Hino. Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, protecting the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires!

For specific rights and territories please visit the VIZ Media/VIZ Media Europe Booth A0.12.

Source: VIZ Media

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