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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Fate/Stay Night Review
Posted by Vintniv in Anime / Manga September 14, 2009 at 02:14:21 PM

In all honesty this one took me some thought in order to criticize. I am not really sure whether it has to do with the fact that I avidly collect images of Fate Stay Night to toy with in graphics among other things, but this anime is rather difficult for me. But with anything, there always has to be some sort of flaw or annoyance that must be brought forth to be judged. So here is the basic story, the main hero is Emiya Shiro, an orphan of a massive fire that occurred in some city. He grows up, and he has these magical powers, and through one way or another, gets himself entangled in a war between heroes. The war basically has 7 magicians summoning up one of 7 servants in order to fight in the war itself. When there is only one left, the pair gets the prize, the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail then grants them whatever wish they want or have. So that’s basically it.

Now, first of all, I want to point out that the use of the term ‘war’ is a bit much in this case. It’s more like a skirmish, or a quarrel, not massive armies and entire countries poking fun with their soldier’s lives. It also seems a bit much to justify that only one of the 7 servants is way more powerful than the rest. IT really kind of ruins any ideas of the story being really interesting. The mages that control the Servants don’t really seem to play much of a role either. Throughout the entire story, the people controlling the Servants don’t really do much other than stay ‘go here and kill this guy.’ It really defeats the purpose of setting up the concept of people using magic if they never even use it to begin with.

But let me, for a moment; judge this anime not by its own merits, but by how it stacks up against other animes. To this end, let’s use a checklist. Main protagonist is in High school or something similar, check. Main protagonist has some sort of underlying power that makes him more than the average student, check. Protagonist has a spunky female counterpart that is designed to balance out his moments of stupidity, check three. Like I can understand the concept of easing a viewer into a series using the whole ‘hi my name is so-and-so and I am an average high school BUT have a magical power.’ But that would be one of those things that would turn me off to begin with because it speaks of unoriginality.

There is of course another short coming here, that being is that Fate/Say Night was originally a game. The design of which allows you to choose how it ends all for yourself. In the animes case it ends in whatever ending the maker wishes, or only one of the 3 ways it can really end. Which I found kind of weird. I do really like the idea of having ancient heroes duke it out amongst themselves though. King Leonidas versus Braveheart, just sounds so much more interesting when you say it out loud. Although with that comes the promise of combat. This has some merit, but a lot of it looks a bit clichéd. Like the same fighting scenes are played over and over again until some one falls over. The same is true for much of the anime itself, there are never any transition scenes showing where things are, or how things happen. Much of the anime is also spent talking with this whole romantic comedy typed theme to it, and then next episode, there’s a big battle. I just really don’t understand where it really wants to go half the time.

But as I have said before, there has to be one problem that could undermine the entire series for you. And I found the problem in the form of a character. FlashD is going to kill me, but the character is Saber herself. Her character is this stoic Knight of the round table typed person, believing in complete servitude towards her master Emiya Shiro. Through the entire anime as characters die, she always remains. I know what you’re thinking, the hero never dies. This is true, but the thing of it is, the anime is just so massively concentrated on Saber that if you don’t like her on the first episode, then this is a bad anime for you to watch. Most of the time, the anime tries out giving us the back story of other characters, or introducing us to someone new, but they just never stick around long enough to get their full value. The same episode when a character is shown a back story to try and give them some sort of importance is usually also the same episode they end up dead or never features in any other episode until the end. The anime is just so hell bent on Saber as its focus that so much time is spent talking and chattering around that it’s hard to actually associate with her as a character. I mean sure, she develops through the story, but it just happens so slowly that it’s just not that interesting.

I guess if you have played the game version of this or are generally interesting in Fate/Say Night, then you should watch this. There is a lot of amazing stuff, like a lot of the attacks used by some characters are very interesting; Unlimited Blade Works and Gate of Babylon. The combat is, although not very well developed, is still fun to watch. And even if you’re not interested in the combat, then some of the lighter moments of the story will hold you over to the end. All in all, I guess if you always wanted to know where this image came from, then this anime will probably be a very nice way to spend a weekend.
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Posted by on January 04, 2010 at 12:46:50 AM
It could have gone a lot further with the ideas they had but it was kept pretty simple. It does have an interesting twist at the end that you wouldn't expect. It was definitely worth watching it in my opinion.
Posted by on November 21, 2009 at 07:13:30 AM
I ike Saber very well!!!!!!

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