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Friday, April 16, 2021

Walt Disney Co. Buys Marvel Entertainment Inc.
Posted by OminousCloud in Industry News September 02, 2009 at 08:46:26 AM

Walt Disney Co, the world's largest media company, has acquired comic book pioneer Marvel Entertainment Inc. to the tune of $4 billion. As the new owner, Disney will collect license fees from Universal Orlando theme park rides in Florida, including "The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man" and "Incredible Hulk Coaster," as well as ticket sales from the films "Iron Man 2" and "Thor," distributed by Viacom Inc.'s Paramount Pictures.

Disney will also collect revenue from future projects involving the existing X-Men license to News Copr, Spider-Man to Sony Copr and the Incredible Hulk to General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal Inc. According to the Internet Movie Database, these franchises have a total combined box-office take of $4.5 billion worldwide.

"They have done a nice job with the deals they have in place,” Disney Chief Financial Officer Tom Staggs said yesterday in an interview. “When those deals expire, we’ll take a look at whether to bring them in-house.”

Disney is now in a position to deny its rivals of access to more than 5,000 Marvel characters that aren't already in use. Which marks the second time this year that Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger has asserted on grounds occupied by rivals. After holding talks with Universal Studios, Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks Studio agreed in Februaru to release movies through Disney.

A Disney film based on a Marvel storyline could reach theaters within two to three years, Gersh said yesterday in an interview. Disney isn’t likely to interfere with Marvel’s existing contracts, he said.

“Those deals will run out and then Disney will have them exclusively,” Gersh said. “You look over the last several years starting with Pixar, then the Spielberg deal and now Marvel, these are three very significant deals for Disney.”

Disney will use Marvel characters in its theme parks wherever possible, Iger said in an interview with CNBC yesterday. “Marvel characters have already proven to be strong in terms of theme-park attraction, and we believe there are a lot of opportunities around the world,” he said.

Spider-Man and other Marvel characters may begin to appear alongside Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear by next year in parades at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and the adjacent California Adventure, said Robert Niles, editor of, an industry newsletter, in an interview.

Disney plans to use Marvel characters to bolster programming on Disney XD, a cable channel targeting boys, the same audience sought by Viacom’s Nickelodeon and New York-based Time Warner Inc.’s Cartoon Network, said Fitch’s Rizzo.

It seems less likely that a cable channel planned by Silver Spring, Maryland-based Discovery Communications Inc. and toymaker Hasbro Inc. in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, will include Marvel programming, Morris said.

Disney plans to expand Marvel’s biggest business, licensing its characters, Staggs said. Licensing, larger than the film or comic-book divisions, accounted for $292.8 million in Marvel’s 2008 revenue and $242.3 million in operating profit, according to Bloomberg data.

Source: Bloomberg
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Posted by on September 03, 2009 at 12:49:05 AM
I imagine a new Kingdom Hearts to be filled with marvel stuff.

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