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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Akira Live Action a Priority but not Likely to Appear Anytime Soon
Posted by LadyPSerenity in News Articles July 28, 2009 at 05:24:22 PM

Producer Andrew Lazar for Mad Chance (Space Cowboys, Jonah Hex) has told iFMagazine at Comic-Con International that while the writers for the Live Action Akira are working on a draf script it's not likely we will see the movie any time soon.
"It is a real priority project for Warner Brothers." he said "Sometimes movies need an enormouse amount of prep, like this one. It is not realistic to go before the third quarter of next year for a 2011 release."
This doesn't mean that the project has been given the green light for production yet either.

There is 'a lot of interest from a variety of people' for possible directors as indicated from Lazar. Lazar also emphasized that he is a 'very inclusive producer of underlying rights' and that the original manga creator Katsushiro Otomo is an executive producer and consultant on the proposed live-action project.

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety entertainment trade periodicals both reported last year that Warner and Appian Way, the production company of actor Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, The Aviator), will adapt the Akira manga into two live-action films. Each film would cover three volumes of the renowned science-fiction manga about a governmental genetic project and a teenager's attempt to save a fellow biker gang member. Otomo directed his own animated film adaptation that premiered on July 16, 1988 — the same day that the story has the fictional Tokyo being destroyed. ~ Anime News Network

Source: Anime News Network; Anime Vice . com
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