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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Tokyo Stock Exchange to Delist Gonzo on July 30/09
Posted by LadyPSerenity in News Articles June 29, 2009 at 01:19:37 PM

Gonzo can continue to run and produce anime but the Tokyo Stock Exchange has announced that it will proceed with delisting the company from it's Mothers section on July 30th. (The Mothers market is for high-growth and emerging stocks.)

A process that began last July, when the stock exchanged notified investors that Gonzo's financial liabilities exceeded it's total financial assets for the fiscal year ending in March of 2008, will conclude with the official delisting of the company. As Gonzo failed to improve it's finances at the end of its last fiscal year, March 31, the paperwork for the delisting was submitted at the end of June.

Gonzo can, however, continue to operate regardless of the delisting. On April 1st (nice day for this, the beginning of the fiscal year in Japan) Gonzo's former parent company, GDH, absorbed its subsidiary to consolidate management resources. The newly restructured company is now known simply as Gonzo.

Gonzo had previously announced that it would be working on The Tower of DRUAGA -the Sword of URUK-, Slap Up Party -Arad Senki-, Shangri-La, and Saki television anime series in 2009.

Source: Anime News Network
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