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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wanna be the Strongest Episode 5 Review
Posted by Anime Forum in Anime / Manga November 07, 2013 at 01:40:07 AM

Show Summary: From Idol to Wrestler, Sakura must climb the ranks of her new career and for a time bid farewell to Idol Group "Sweet Diva".

Episode Review: Can anyone say bottom three of the season? Well, I easily can. Wanna be the Strongest is an ecchi anime centered around the Center Vocalist for Sweet Diva and her change of pace new career. Being a wrestler may not be easy for Sakura, but can she overcome the odds and prove to her fans that she is worthy to step inbetween those ropes? The latest episode of this anime continued to focus on Sakura trying to figure out how she can compete at the level of the other female wrestlers and maybe learn a signature move or two! The episode wasn't horrible, but compared to the other animes this season it certainly cannot hold up. Being about female wrestling, the ecchi is actually way more tame than it could be and at least they aren't ripping off clothing to win a match. What really annoys me though is that cringe worthy moaning during submissions that makes it feel like you can actually feel her pain. Unbearable? No, but very cringe worthy. The anime has a bad intro, but a great ending theme that always gets me hooked.

This episode presented us a new center vocalist and was better than episodes two through four, but it still feels iffy to me. The story could be better, but at least they are trying to go with the comeback story which worked well in this episode, but a win for the comeback story in the next episode against her rival is a must. Will she do it? One can only hope.

The show is not a much watch yet, but ecchi fans will be all over it!

Episode Rating: 7.2
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